Range safety rules agreement for:
Gun Range
2405 Interstate 30 Ste. C
Mesquite, TX 75150

Gun safety rules
Always keep the gun pointed down range and NEVER in a direction towards a person or where a person might walk
Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

Range rules
No hand loads
No tracer ammo.
No armor piercing ammo or shotgun shells.
No ammo larger than 45 LC. (No 44 mag, 50, 454, 460, or 500 calibers)
No rapid fire
No open toed shoes
No low cut shirts
Eye and Ear protection must be worn in gun range at all times.
Guns must be unloaded and secured before leaving the gun range.
Concealed handgun license holders must have gun holstered and concealed.

Firing line commands from Range Officers must be obeyed at all times
“Cease fire” – Everybody stops shooting immediately and steps back from firing line.
“Fire” – Okay to begin firing in a safe manner.

General range rules
No food or beverages in gun range area. (Except bottled water)
No smoking anywhere in the building or gun range.
No loading of firearms or magazines outside of gun range.
No use of alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.
No horse play.

Emergency procedures
If you or somebody gets injured immediately say in a loud tone “Cease fire”.
If the injury is serious go to the phone located in the hallway leading to the gun range and call 911 and give them our address.
Contact the Range Officers.
Get the first aid kit which is located on the wall by the exit of the gun range and administer first aid if possible.

I the undersigned understand and agree to all gun range rules and regulations stated above and will abide by them while on the premises of said gun range at The Gun Zone & Range and will indemnify and hold harmless my Instructor, the Range Officers, James Sneed Enterprises, Inc., James Sneed, Sr., MLL Enterprises, Inc., Pulsar 2000, Inc., The Gun Zone, James Sneed Investments and all employees and agents of Instructor, James Sneed, James Sneed Enterprises, Inc., MLL Enterprises, Inc., Pulsar 2000, Inc., JWS Investments, Gun Shows Inc., The Gun Zone and/or James Sneed Investments for any violation by myself of the said rules and regulations.

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