Gun Smithing Services


Rebarrel Work

Replace old barrel with a new one and rechamber to desired caliber

Head Space Check

Check chamber of that caliber for safety

Muzzle Brakes

Installed on the end of the barrel to reduce recoil same diameter as the rifle barrel

Barrel Cutting & Threading

Reduce the length and rethread for a compensator or flash hider

Bolt Knob Installation

Turn down the bolt handle on your bolt action rifle and thread and replace it with an oversize knob for easy use

Bolt Forging

Taking an old military Mauser rifle and reshaping the bolt handle so you can use a scope

Drill & Tap for Scope

If a rifle has no way of installing a scope base, we make holes and threads, to be able to mount scope bases

Custom Mill Work

We cut serration on slides and cut dove tales for sight we can also port slides and more

Bluing & Niter Bluing

Restore the factory finish back on your gun you can have that rust removed but some guns may require extra work for this finish

Custom Recoil Pads

Measure your length of pull and fit the gun to you and install recoil pad that will reduce the kick

Stock Repair & Refinishing

Repair broken or cracked wood stocks, sand and refinish. Make it look like new

Glass, Steel & Pillar Bedding

Glass Bedding remove rifle from the stock where the barrel action sits then we apply a glass bed compound for the action to sit in after it sets up remove the action and relieve the wood under the barrel so it floats this helps make the gun accurate Pillar Bedding Install two aluminum sleeves inside the stock where the front and back screws go they will hold the barrel action in place and glass bed compound secure the action then we will float the barrel this we make the gun more accurate Steel Bedding Action use a compound that has metal in it for strength it’s very strong and works well this is also used for accurising rifles

Trigger Work

In most case triggers are adjustable on rifles instead of having an eight pound trigger pull reduce it to three and a half this will help you get a better shoot off